Easy Ways to Get Better at Math & Get High Grades

Math is arguably one of the few subjects that students hate and perform poorly at. Many reasons may be responsible for students’ poor performance in math. However, studying right can help you get better and score high. To improve mathematics skills, follow the tips here.

How to be Good at Math

  • Solve Math Every Day

Math deals with calculations and formulas that you need to take time to digest. When you study math every day, it becomes a part of you and you can’t miss important details. Carve out time in your study timetable to solve math for at least 30 minutes every day. You may decide to do homework on some of these days and not necessarily study. Other days, you could do some revision. Either way, ensure you never leave math alone if you want to get better at math.

  • Master the Right Formula

Get accustomed to every formula as they come. Math is one subject you’re allowed to cram before you understand it. This is because you need to know a long list of formulas and understand which one comes first when you’re solving math problems. After class, each day, take a moment to memorize important formulas before going to bed.

  • Love the Subject

Can you love math as a subject? Can you get better at math? The answers are yes. You have to love math to ace math. This includes changing your mindset about the subject and not unnecessarily finding fault in the math tutor. When you love math, you wouldn’t skip classes or pile up homework. Further, it becomes easier to assimilate what you’re taught. Decide that math isn’t difficult and you’ll pass math effortlessly. The fear and hatred for math can be draining. Rather, channel that energy and make it a challenge you must overcome.

  • Invest in Materials

The tools that you need to practice math on your own are numerous depending on your grade. They range from workbooks and graph books to tables. You cannot get better at math if you lack essential materials that should help you. Your parents or guardians also want you to do better at math. They’d be willing to provide what you need if you asked them.

  • Be Patient with Yourself

More often than not, when the issue of “how do I get better at math” is being addressed, students want a response that can miraculously make them better. Doing better in math requires time, dedication, patience, and hard work. It is important that you enjoy the process and don’t be too hard on yourself or you’ll frustrate your effort. In worst cases, you might end up hating the subject more than you already do. Understand that you’re human and you need time to process important information.

  • Ask for Help

There is no shame in asking experts or people who are better at math for help. You can join study groups, subscribe to online platforms, hire a tutor, or let someone in a higher grade help you. Sometimes, you assimilate better when you study privately with a partner.

  • Identify Your Strong and Weak Points

Are you good at mathematics but still have bad grades? You may be in a situation where you’re better at some areas in math. You should identify your strengths and weaknesses and work towards improving on your weak points. This trick is better than being comfortable with what you think you already know.


Some math tips and tricks appear to be difficult to implement until you start following them. However, the result is often worth the trouble. The tips here will teach you how to get better at math.

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